A Refreshing Evangelical, Biblical Position on Gay Marriage

I’ll post this briefly, since it presents a Christian, Evangelical position on homosexuality that one rarely hears in the media, where all too often Christian = anti-gay and gay-accepting = secular, non-religious.

Essentially, Pastor Judy Howard Peterson of the Evangelical Covenant Church lost her credentials for officiating at the wedding of a member of her community who happened to marry someone of the same gender. Without her credentials, she lost her job as campus pastor at North Park University. While she was open to discussion with her church about why officiating this wedding was problematic (she had even sought it out prior to the event), this was apparently a line the church did not want crossed, and so a discussion they did not want to open.

The link to her description of her dismissal is here, and it is worth a read. She argues with great care that the church needs to find a way to love its members and to be friends to them, even when they are LGBTQ. Furthermore, she argues this from a Christian, biblical perspective. I know of at least one man — an intelligent, capable, and welcoming person who would be an incredible benefit to any church — who is seeking to heed the call to ministry, and he was very attracted to North Park U for a number of reasons. However, he has been reluctant to begin his pastoral training there in particular due to an attitude he perceived of exclusion toward LGBTQ people.

I’m in no position to judge a tradition outside of my own, so I will let Pastor Judy speak for herself, and let anyone interested in the situation follow up on their own. However, I will say that this is the sort of discussion of Christian attitudes toward human sexuality that will help move this issue forward.


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